Introducing Tactical Global Management Limited (TGM)

We are a specialist asset management company founded in Australia in 1997. We have extensive experience in creating Tailored Investment Solutions for clients including pension/superannuation funds, insurance companies, fund managers, endowments, and charities. Integrity and our relationship with our clients are very important to us, with our first client still a client today.

TGM is a leader in the application of risk management overlay and implementation solutions for asset allocation exposure management. These include tailored rebalancing overlays, equitization programs, beta transfer, dynamic asset allocation (DAA) implementation and transaction execution strategies. We also provide Currency Management Hedging Services on both a Passive and Active basis. 

TGM also specialises in global economic and financial market modelling to generate alpha. Using this approach, we have successfully been generating risk adjusted returns since 1997 by dynamically adjusting exposures to global equity, bond, and currency markets. 

TGM supports and provides access to socially responsible impact investment opportunities that create the pre-conditions required for long-term sustainable economic growth, such as peace and stability, education, and reliable renewable energy. We focus on opportunities in developing countries and Australia and are well placed to do this through our connections globally and our ability to act as the connection point for local investors.

TGM manages around $30 billion in its investment programs as at May 2017.

News & Research

New Business Development Manager
TGM is very pleased to announce the appointment of Jay Gartner as its Business Development Manager. 
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